Caird Hall, Dundee – Saturday 20th April 2024

Theme: Hearing from Hutters

Whether you are just curious about hutting, making serious plans or already a seasoned hutter, we’d like to invite you to the 2024 Hutters Rally. The last event, held in 2020, attracted over 200 enthusiastic attendees.

The Rally is a full day of talks, workshops and discussions on all aspects of hutting, from getting land and planning permission, to building techniques, to managing the land around your hut. There will also be a Market space for stalls from green woodworkers, builders, architects, projects and more. Above all there will be the chance to connect with others with a passion for huts.

Headline speakers:

  • Peter McQueen, author of The Art of Hutting
  • Lesley Riddoch on What can Norway teach us next?

Talks and panels on

  • Five ways to build a hut
  • Building with unusual materials
  • Huts for healing
  • How to find land for a hut
  • Planning workshop
  • Hut site development
  • Hutting on FLS land
  • Volunteering on hut builds
  • Reclaim, re-use and scrounge – low-cost, low-impact building
  • Planning workshop
  • What do hutters need from courses?
  • Experiences with hut sharing
  • Composting loos
  • Forest gardening for hutters
  • Managing hut site land
  • Soapbox session
  • Huts marketplace stalls
  • … and more!

If you are interested in a stall, please email

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